North Harbor’s mission statement in relation to local and global missions is to lead people toward a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by equipping people to serve those disadvantaged and marginalized both locally and globally.  While it is typical for many churches to fund local and global missions through its administrative efforts, we believe that this approach can create a dangerous gap between the congregation and the recipients of the aid.  With this thought in mind, North Harbor has developed a unique approach to funding local and global missions.

While North Harbor does devote 50% of its missions to several local and global projects (see our Affiliations page), we believe that we have all been called to missions.  Our task then is to help people discover their passions and skills for service, equip them to do the work that God has placed on their heart, and help provide some funding for their project.  To accomplish this North Harbor has created a Partner Fund which provides matching grants (the other 50% of our missions budget) to be donated to the charity of every Partner’s choice.

For more information on Partnership at North Harbor please see our “About Us” page.  If you would like to learn more about missions at North Harbor please email Pastor Dan at or call the office at 207.319.7065.